About Us

Comic shop located in Crown St. Wollongong New South Wales with a massive range of back Issues, New release comics, Key issues, Original art and collectables 

Who We Are ?

Growing up in the 70s’ on a diet the likes of Casper, Sad Sack and Ritchie Rich Jay (Owner) didn’t really get into the whole superhero thing until the 90s when he discovered Spawn, The Maxx and local creation Bug and Stump he then continued to have a love for indy comics which also included collectables and records till this current day 

Our Values

We pride ourself on being honest, genuine and treat our customers how we would like to be treated 

Our Mission

To get more people reading comics and helping collectors source hard to find key issues 

Meet Our Team

D. Bear

Website Admin

Drop Bear

Postage Co-ordinator

Dr. Opbear

Media Liason